About Us

SellMyAircraft.com was founded in July 2004. As our company continues to grow every month, we continually invest more money in to our advertising, which means more exposure for your aircraft. This includes online advertising and search engine placement, print ads, mailings, fax, and telemarketing.

It is our company goal to set the standard in online aircraft advertising - low cost, high exposure.

Listing on SellMyAircraft.com enables users to upload up to 5 pictures per listing to display key features of their aircraft. Sellers can also track the number of views their advertisement has received. Logging into our Control Panel system allows users to Add, Edit, or Delete their listings at anytime. Users can also set their email preferences to receive newsletters or information about new services we provide.

SellMyAircraft.com does not charge membership fees to browse aircraft listings on our website. This allows more potential buyers to find your listing without being denied access. This also allows potential buyers to find your listing directly from an outside search engine.

Dealers have the ability to customize their own free personalized webpage that can display their entire inventory. Special dealer discount rates are available.

We appreciate you taking the time to visit us, and we look forward to helping you sell your aircraft in the near future!

- SellMyAircraft.com -

Mission Statement

SellMyAircraft.com is brought to you by Aviation and Internet technology professionals for the purpose of providing our customers with easy-to-use, online sales tools priced at a fraction of the cost of the competition. SellMyAircraft.com is dedicated to developing and improving our online system to help buyers find sellers quickly at minimal cost. It is our goal to set the standard for online aircraft advertising. By setting lower prices and providing outstanding service, we believe our customers will follow. Our customers do not have to "pay more to say more". Listings are FREE!